Fanning Fly’s hard in Kingaroy

Fanning Fly’s hard in Kingaroy

Round 6 of the QLSRA Stockmans Civil and Plant Club Championship saw the drivers venture to Kingaroy Speedway, a venue that is now a regular on our annual season calendar. Unlike Brisbane and Toowoomba Kingaroy is a traditional showground track meaning it is more round than a typical clay oval that our drivers have faced earlier in the season.

It was also a venue that would see a night of the veterans of the division drawing on their years of experience to get the best of the next generation on a track that was the awkward combination of heavy and rough in some parts and slick and less rough in other parts. This meant that set up and driving line were critical on the night. The drivers who coped best with the changing conditions ultimately found themselves at the front of the pack by the conclusion of the night.

Given the smaller field size there were 3 rounds of all in heats. Heat 1 saw Dave Fanning Q89 take victory and continue his dominate form of recent meetings. Following him home in Second was Tyler Stralow Q51 who was only 0.1 of a second off Dave’s time. In third place was James Elliot Q88 who is now slowly settling into his new Henchcraft and progressively finding more speed with each meeting. In fourth was Wayne Jukes Q49 rounding out his best heat race finish of the season to date. Again as his experience behind the wheel grows his results are on a steady improving trajectory.

Heat 2 saw Dave Fanning claim victory again, following in second place was the ever-consistent Scott Jukes Q34 who is building out a solid assault on the club championship this season. In fourth place was Wayne Iacono Q20 who continues to gain speed week to week as he learns his way around his GSXR Powered Hyper Chassis lighting sprint package. In fourth place was current Q1 Jason Rae who holds Kingaroy in a special place in his heart as it was the track, he claimed his Title victory at last season.

Heat 3 saw the track start to really slicken off and Jason Rae found his form taking victory in a solid fashion. Following him home in second was Dave Fanning with Wayne Jukes getting one over his bother Scott Jukes as they finished third and fourth respectively.

Heading in the feature race after flying through the heats Dave “the falcon” Fanning was our top qualifier. Dave was also fortunate enough to have the No1 Marble drawn for him which also saw him starting out of pole position. When I asked Dave why he gets one of his crew to draw the marble each week he said “I never won a game of marbles growing up, so I know it is not my strong suit. I feel its best to put one of my expert crew on the job”.

Wayne Iacono found himself starting out of Position 2 on the outside of Fanning for a front row that had all the hallmarks of a great feature race start after the battle we saw during a recent heat race. Wayne commented “I am going to back my abilities to get one over Fanno going into turn 1 tonight, I think his luck ran out at the marble draw”.

After strong heat performances Jason Rae was starting out of P3 and Scott Jukes was out of P4. The only car not to make the Feature Race was Darren Baldwin who was driving the Q3 car of Michael Gollagher. Unfortunately, it ran into engine troubles during the third heat of the night. There  was a noticeable air of disappointment from the stands and Kingaroy’s favorite Sparkey is know for putting on a show.

Dave Faninng managed to get the jump on Iacono heading into Turn 1 and upon taking control of the lead maintained this position for the race. Wayne who was running slightly higher on the track was lurking as the pair met with lapped traffic (running the lower line) as moving up the track did unsettle the Fanning car. However he never quite found himself in a position to capitalize on it. This saw The Falcon take victory with Iacono coming home in Second place.

Tyler Stralow was the mover and shaker of the race coming from fifth on the grid to finish third and round out the podium  continuing to build on his experience and form this season, he was happy to pull together a solid result.

The first B grader home was James Elliot who continued to build on what was one of his strongest nights racing this season.

The QLSRA would like to thank Stockmans Civil and Plant for their ongoing support of the club championship. They would also like to thank all the drivers who made the effort to travel to Kingaroy and support one of Queensland’s strongest Speedway Clubs.

Round 7 will take place on December 28th as we return to Archerfield Speedway.

Lightning Sprints Launch to a 20 car field!

Lightning Sprints Launch to a 20 car field!

As we commenced Round 5 of the Stockmans Civil and Plant QLSRA Championship we are ecstatic to see 20 cars on the race track in what looks to be the largest field of cars outside of a blue ribbon event in 6 years for the class!!

Given the size of the field there were 2 Rounds of heats with each round consisting of 2 heats. Drivers would complete across 1 heat in each round completing 2 heats to determine their starting position for the 20 lap feature race.

Heat 1 saw Scott Jukes Q34 continue his strong form and take out victory, he was followed home by Darren Baldwin Q33 and Jason Rae Q1 took third. They only issue for was a niggling engine problem for Jayden Mathers Q97 which saw him retire early from the race.

Heat 2 was taken out by a returning star Dave Fanning. Dave made his season debut in his Q89 Henchcraft after it only recently landed on Australian soil. Having won several State Titles and also 2 Australian Titles seeing Dave Fanning’s return to Lighting Sprints is an exciting development in the 2019/2020 season. Following in second was current club champion Keith Blatch Q77 with the in-form Tyler Stralow Q51 following closely in third.

Heat 3 took a restart to get rolling but once it did, it did not disappoint. Starting from position 6 Dave Fanning put on an amazing show running wheel to wheel with Wayne Iacono Q20 for the final 4 laps of the race to finish first and second. The display of skill and speed was a showcase of the quality of racing the Lighting Sprints are producing. Home in third place was the ever-consistent David Van Vegchel in the black Q8.

Heat 4 victory went to Jason George Q14 who has continued to build on a strong showing this season as he settles back into the car and continues to find speed. Following in second was another ex-Australian Champion in Sean Iacono in the Q21 his lap time was nuts at 13.883 and one of only 3 to break the 13.9 bracket on the night. The final podium place went to Adam Norton Q7 who took out third place to have his highest finish in a heat race this season.

After the completion of the heats Dave Fanning was the highest point scorer who also pulled the pole marble and would start the feature race on the front row. Scott Jukes, Jason George and Sean Iacono rounded out the top 4 on points. However after the marble draw 6th highest on points Wayne Iacono found himself sharing the front row with Fanning. With Scott Jukes and Jason George on row 2.

In the 20 car field the QLSRA we also fortunate enough to have the support of Danny Stone N47 who made the trip to come and keep us all honest as he pushed from P11 in the feature. The QLSRA would like to thank Danny for his efforts as he drives the 12 odd hours several times a season to come and race with us and support the class in QLD.

We were also excited to see David Collins make his Lightning Sprint Debut in the Q2 Boss Hoggs car. Dave joins us after an extensive career in Compact Seedcars where he is the current Club Champion. He recently equal top qualified at the Australian Compact Tile and will certainly be one to watch as the season unfolds.

With 18 cars starting the feature race the filed of cars looked amazing! Fanning quickly took command of the race starting out of pole position and getting the jump on Wayne Iacono. Scott Jukes was quickly to slot into third place and continued to harass Iacono for the remainder of the race. The tussle further down the field saw Jason George fend off Sean Iacono. Dave Collins tore through the field to come home in 6th position after starting out of p12.

Blatch and Rae rounded out the top 8 for the night, with hard luck stories going to Tyler Stralow who lost a sprocket and was forced to retire. Mechanical issues continued to persist for Mathers with Norton and Derek Wells taking damage and being forced to the infield. Starting out of P16 James Elliot Q88 also made solid inroads forward moving up 7 places to finish 9th Andrew Parkes came home 10th as he continues to settle into Lightning Sprints and improve with every race.
In another milestone for the QLSRA we welcomed another Rookie to our ranks this meeting with Mark Sparky Peters Q98 making his debut in the class and also his very first speedway race. Finishing in 13th placed we saw some solid laps and a quality foundation laid for the meetings ahead.

After taking the opportunity to drive the car of Adam Norton at a practice event Mark knew he just had to have one. Welcome to the QLSRA Mark, we look forward to watching you learn your craft in these awesome little speedway machines.

As the chequered flag flew Fanning took out his first feature victory of the 2019/2020 seasons and firmly made the statement that he is back. In second was Wayne Iacono continuing a rivalry from many years earlier and third was the young gun of Scotty Jukes. First B grader home went to David Collins.

The QLSRA would like to thank all the drivers who supported the event, we continue to see numbers growing and still have several drivers due to return to the fold in the coming weeks. We would also like to thank Stockmans Civil and Plant for their ongoing support of the club. Our next outing sees us back on the road and heading to Kingaroy Speedway for Round 6 of the club Championship on December 14th.

Veteran Banks First 2019 Victory

Saturday November 9th saw the QLSRA Stockmans Civil and Plant Lightning Sprints Club Championship Round 4 grace the banks of Archerfield Speedway. with 15 cars hitting the track for this round it was also the highest car count at the club has presented so far this season.

The field of cars were split over 3 rounds of heat with each driver competing in 2 out of the three heats. The opening heat presented the field of cars with a heavy track as it was early in the night. The front row was the battle of ZX12’s as David Van Vegchel Q8 squared off against Darren Baldwin Q33. Darren on the green and took an early lead, he was followed with little hesitation by Wayne Iacono Q20 who was making his debut for the first time this season. Slightly more speed in the heavy conditions Wayne eventually ran down Darren to take the lead and win the first heat race of the night, David Van Vegchel closed to the podium in third.

The second heat of the night saw drivers facing a higher level of grip as the early heavy layer of clay had been blown off. With a front row of Wayne Jukes Q49 and Jason Rae Q1 the current Queensland Champ was right to fancy his chances into turn 1. J.Rae shot off to an early lead that would ultimately lead to victory. He was chased home by Keith Blatch Q77 who finished second and Tyler Stralow Q51 in third. Tyler was glad to lay a solid foundation in what was the night that presented a possible hat trick of Feature Wins.

The third and final heat saw Laurence Deegan Q64 and Scott Jukes Q34 on the front row. Jukes took the lead off the start and took the race to the chequer with Jason George Q14 making quick work of Deegan to move into second place, Keith Blatch demonstrated the value of his experience coming home third after starting from the rear of the field.

At the conclusion of the heats we had a top four qualifiers of Scott Jukes, Wayne Iacono, Keith Blatch and Jason Rae. Once the marble draw for the 4 was completed Keith Blatch Q77 was out of Pole position with the Q1 of Jason Rae on his outside. The run to turn 1 was hectic but Keith having the inside run was able to take command of the race. With J.Rae running higher in the straight Jukes didn’t hesitate to act and moved quickly into second place relegating Rae to third.

Jukes chased hard all race long doing his best to keep the defending club champion honest and make sure he earnt the win. The conditions were trying with several drivers spinning during the race proceedings, bringing on the caution lights a number of times. The race hard charger should be awarded to Tyler Stralow who started out of Position 8 and was consistent through the race in managing to come home 5th. The first B Grader home was Adam Norton Q7 who again put in a consistent performance to further build his experience. After 3 rounds of racing Adam is firmly in the mix for the rookie of the year title.

As the chequer dropped for round 3 we saw Keith Blatch take his maiden feature victory for the season, he was followed home by the ever improving Scott Jukes who has had one of his strongest nights of racing all season long. Jason Rae was home in third place as he lays the foundation for a stong season ahead. Wayne Iacono ran home 4th putting in a solid performance, followed by the hard charger Tyler Stralow.

After 3 weeks of back to back racing the little warriors know as Lightning Sprints will have a brief break to take stock, do maintenance (talk to their families) before they return to the ring on November 30th. This will be the 5th Round of the Stockmans Civil and Plant QLSRA Club Championship again being hosted at Archerfield Speedway. With 1 or 2 more cars rumoured to be making their debut at this meeting the class and club are excited to field the strongest car numbers of the season yet.

Following this show we will be making our return to the country for Round 6 at Kingaroy Speedway. The QLSRA would like to thank our Season Sponsor Stockmans Civil and Plant for their on going support of Lightning Sprint Racing in Queensland.

Stralow Doubles Down in Memorial Event

Stralow Doubles Down in Memorial Event

In what was the return of Lightning Sprints to Maryborough Speedway the club put on a show that was nothing short of spectacular! We put on a strong field of 12 cars for the first Blue Ribbon event of the season The Patrick Moroney Memorial.

The format for the evening was that each driver would race in 3 out of 4 heat races. This would form that base of qualifying points that would set the grid for the 25 lap main event.

The track put forward tough slick conditions for the drivers which saw some challenging racing as everyone fought to better their position and improve their position for the starting grid of the feature race.

Over the 4 heat races the podiums fell as follows, Heat 1 victory went to Keith Blatch, followed home by Jason Rae in second Scott Jukes came in third. Heat 2 victory went to Jason George again following home in second was Scotty Jukes with Tyler Stralow coming home third.

Darren Baldwin took victory in Heat 3, putting in a consistent performance saw Tyler come home second with Keith Blatch in third place. Heat 4 was taken out by David Van Vegchel followed by Tyler in second with Jason Rae coming homing third.

After the 4 rounds of racing the final qualifying positions leading into feature saw Tyler Stralow as the top point scorer and starting out pole position. On his outside is Keith Blatch with the young talent fighting it out again with the experienced veteran for another weekend in a row. After a consistent effort in the heat races Darren Baldwin put himself out of Position 3 on the grid with David Van Vegchel out of 4. Rounding out the top 6 was Jason George out of 5. Who was making his season debut and had shown consistent speed through the night having taken victory in an earlier heat race. Jason Rae started out of P6 and after being forced to retire from last weeks feature due to a mechanical issue was looking to finally make his mark on the club championship this season.

Given the high enthusiasm of the drivers for the clubs first Blue Ribbon and $500 to win event. The race took several restarts before it managed to get underway. Tyler took the lead on the final restart as Keith struggled to get away having suffered damage and receiving a flat Left Front Tyre from one of the earlier attempts to start the race.

Keith’s weakness was Baldwins gain with Darren quickly moving into second position. Keith then fought off the race long attack of Jason George who moved into fourth position on the opening lap of the race. In an awesome demonstration of driver skill the race then went from Green to Chequered flag without a stoppage.
Tyler took a commanding victory over Baldwin and Blatch who rounded out the podium. Tyler was stoked to chalk up his second feature win in as many weeks and to also firmly establish his lead in the club standings.

The club’s next outing is this coming weekend at Archerfield Speedway where we will make our first appearance for the season. With 12 cars already nominated another strong field is expected.
The Queensland Lighting Sprint Racing Association would like to thank our naming rights sponsor Stockman’s Civil and Plant for their ongoing support of Lightning Sprint Racing in Queensland.

Nominations – 2/11/19

Here is the list of nominations for this weekends Patrick Maroney Memorial at Maryborough Speedway – 2/11/19:

Q1 Jason Rae
Q3 Michael Gollagher
Q7 Adam Norton
Q8 David Van Vegchel
Q14 Jason George
Q33 Darren Baldwin
Q34 Scott Jukes
Q49 Wayne Jukes
Q51 Tyler Stralow
Q55 Derek Wells
Q64 Laurence Deegan
Q77 Keith Blatch
Q88 James Elliot

Rivalry Rolls On!

Rivalry Rolls On!

Rivalry Rolls On!!!

At the start of each season you ponder how the first night will go? Will everyone make it through fairly clean? Hopefully the fresh bloods survive the first battle in the dirt arena. Well for the Stockmans Civil and Plant QLSRA Club Championship all of these questions were answered last night.

After losing our first round to Mother Nature we could not have asked for better weather to open our season of racing. We were presented with a smooth racing surface to open our assault on the club championship.

Starting out of P1 for the opening heat race club veteran and defending club champion Keith Blatch Q77 put his best foot forward in his title defence and took home the spoils. Following him for second was Tyler Stralow Q51 with his nemesis from last season Scott Jukes Q34 taking out third place.

Heat 2 saw track conditions become more difficult as the surface began to slicken off making set up and keeping the car straight more of a challenge. We saw several stoppages as drivers battled the conditions and spun on occasion in the turns. The Q8 of David Veggie Van Vegchel took the win, followed by the ever improving Q33 of Darren Baldwin . Our current QLD 1 of Jason Rae came home 3rd as he continues to develop his new set up for the season and gains speed.

The night also saw a number of rookies, new members and returning members make the field to support the ever growing QLSRA. The club would like to commend and welcome Q13 Andrew Parkes who has thrown a wing on to try his hand at Lightning Sprints. Q97 of Jayden Mathers who also has his roots in compact racing.

Q55 of Derek Wells making his return to speedway in a Lightning Sprint having previously raced micros several years ago. Q7 of Adam Norton who has stepped off the spanners into the drivers seat. Our final rookie Q49 of Wayne Jukes who can’t let his brother have all of the glory. All of our rookies and newcomers held their own in what was a great display of Lightning Sprint Racing.

We also saw the return of some of last season’s drivers working to iron out the bugs in their cars and lay the foundations for a solid season. James Elliot in the Q88 debuted his new Henchcraft Chassis and lay a solid performance as he learns a new car. With the power plant back on track Laurence Deegan Q64 enjoyed a really consistent night. Michael Gollagher Q3 also managed to make the evening all be it with his usual challenges around timing.

Leading the Stockmans Civil and Plant QLSRA feature grid was drawn was Tyler Stralow out of pole with Darren Baldwin coming out of 2. Who drew the front row after qualifying in the top four. Unfortunately for Keith Blatch the highest point scorer after the heats pulled marble 3 for his starting position. David Van Vegchel was out of 4.

Tyler was quick to take the lead and set a comfortable pace on a track where grip was hard to find. Keith starting strong but got caught a little by the slick and after loosing a few places had to work his way back through the field.

Darren Baldwin suffered a similar fate taking a spin in turn 3 to bring on the yellows. Seeing him at the back of the field he pushed forward well.

Upfront Scotty Jukes battled hard all race as did David Van Vegchel fighting for position and using all available track to move forward.
At one point Scott was trailing Tyler as the now A graders were being reminded of duels of last season where they battled it out for B grade spoils! It’s great to see them at it again this season!!

The final standings when the chequered flag dropped saw Tyler Stralow take out his maiden feature race win. Followed home by Keith Blatch in second who managed to get the third placed Scott Jukes. Laurie Deegan was the first B grader home which was a great result for him!

Tyler would like to thank his sponsors Formcorp Interiors, Shock Absorber Therapy, Cush Clothing, K1 Racegear and Motorguard.

The next round of the Stockmans Civil and Plant QLSRA Club Championship will be at Maryborough Speedway next weekend November 2nd.



After a 4 month break the time has come for our drivers and fans to blow the dust off their gear and get ready for an action packed season of Lightning Sprint racing.

The QLSRA is excited to announce the confirmation of this season’s naming rights sponsor Stockman’s Civil and Plant.

The Stockman’s Civil and Plant QLSRA Club Championship will be fought out over 15 Rounds spread between Archerfield, Toowoomba, Kingaroy and Maryborough Speedway. The club is excited to make a return to the Fraser Coast track after a few years’ absence.

The final date on the club calendar is The Queensland Lightning Sprit Title that will be hosted at Hi-Tech Oils Toowoomba Speedway on the 18th of January 2020.

With 16 shows in our calendar across 4 tracks the club is undertaking one of its largest and most exciting seasons in many years.

Complementing our growing calendar is a steady increase in both cars and members for the 2019/2020 season. The Jukes stable is expanding with Wayne Jukes joining his brother Scott Jukes debuting a new car this season as he aims to follow in his brothers footsteps. Wayne will no doubt be in the hunt for the Rookie of the season spoils. While Scott will make a solid tilt at both the A grade and Club Championships.

After an enthralling Rookie battle last season we again have a number of contenders. Along with Wayne Jukes we have Jayden Mathers who makes a return to speedway after some time away. Another entrant to this battle will be Adam Norton who is a long time crew member of club veteran and current Club Champion Keith Blatch. With Blatchy in his corner Adam will no doubt fancy his chances at taking home the Rookie or the year spoils.

As we move through the field of drivers we have a number of B Graders looking to make their mark as they work towards winning the covenant title of B Grade Champion. James Elliot is one such man. This season James will be debuting a newly built Henchcraft as he looks to build his experience in the season ahead.

This season will also see Keith Blatch working hard to defend his current title of Club Champion. This seasons field will bring many tough competitors his way. We are fortunate enough to enjoy multiple Australian Champions in our field such as Sean Iacono who will again be a force to reckoned with. Kurt Wilson will be working to build out a consistent season as he chases the Blue Ribbon Spoils on offer. Dave Fanning will look to make several appearances over the season in his partnership with Donny Robertson.

Meeting our front runners in the chase for club spoils will be Tyler Stralow who will continue to build on his experience as he enters his second full time season of lightning sprint racing.

Last season’s recipient of the wings award David Van Vegchel will also be looking to change his fortunes this season. His growing speed and swag of feature wins make him a dark horse in any race.

Darren Baldwin will look to continue to build and grow his open wheel experience, like other drivers in our class Darren pulls double duty also running in modified production. Darren is in his second full time season in the division, he will be one to watch as his experience grows.

After taking down multiple feature wins last season we will also see Jayden Iacono making his return to the seat this season. Supporting Jayden will be his father Wayne Iacono who is always a front runner on his day. Being a previous QLD Champion Wayne is capable of taking victory lane on his night.

Pulling double duty across two divisions the ever growing experience base of Jim Henchcraft Kennedy will see him well placed as a contender on any given night. Jim unfortunately did not have Lady Luck in his corner last season getting tangled in several incidents seeing him spend more time on the sidelines than we would have hoped. Jim will be looking to build out a stronger season this year and will no doubt be hoping for a change in his fortunes.

As we prepare on the eve of our first meeting we will also see Jason George squaring up for another season of racing. A passionate member of the club, Jason will look to be a consistent contender each night he runs.

Finally we have Jason Rae our current and defending QLD and NSW Champion. Along with taking out the 2 state titles Jason was also a serious contender in last season’s club championship. Jason will be looking to not only defend his state titles he will also be looking to take out his first every QLSRA Club Championship.

The club would also like to thank and acknowledge both Jason and John McDonald as co-owners of Stockman’s Civil and Pant we appreciate their support of Lightning Sprint Racing in QLD as they come on board as this seasons naming rights sponsor.

Stockmans Civil and Plant comes from humble beginnings starting in 2014 with a single water truck, today they boast a suite of 10 different pieces of equipment. They compete general earthworks, as well as wet and dry hire. They also have a specialisation in road and estate works. The QLSRA is proud to have them on board as lead sponsor for the 2019/2020 racing season.

In what is promising to be one of the most action packed seasons in many years we would encourage all the fans, supporters and sponsors of the QLSRA to get behind the drivers and events in the year ahead.

We will have the Patrick Moroney Memorial running in November at Maryborough. The Silver Cup at Easter 2020 and the Queensland Title in January 2020. There are multiple

Opportunities available for sponsorship and support of the club in the season ahead.