Fanning Fly’s hard in Kingaroy

Round 6 of the QLSRA Stockmans Civil and Plant Club Championship saw the drivers venture to Kingaroy Speedway, a venue that is now a regular on our annual season calendar. Unlike Brisbane and Toowoomba Kingaroy is a traditional showground track meaning it is more round than a typical clay oval that our drivers have faced earlier in the season.

It was also a venue that would see a night of the veterans of the division drawing on their years of experience to get the best of the next generation on a track that was the awkward combination of heavy and rough in some parts and slick and less rough in other parts. This meant that set up and driving line were critical on the night. The drivers who coped best with the changing conditions ultimately found themselves at the front of the pack by the conclusion of the night.

Given the smaller field size there were 3 rounds of all in heats. Heat 1 saw Dave Fanning Q89 take victory and continue his dominate form of recent meetings. Following him home in Second was Tyler Stralow Q51 who was only 0.1 of a second off Dave’s time. In third place was James Elliot Q88 who is now slowly settling into his new Henchcraft and progressively finding more speed with each meeting. In fourth was Wayne Jukes Q49 rounding out his best heat race finish of the season to date. Again as his experience behind the wheel grows his results are on a steady improving trajectory.

Heat 2 saw Dave Fanning claim victory again, following in second place was the ever-consistent Scott Jukes Q34 who is building out a solid assault on the club championship this season. In fourth place was Wayne Iacono Q20 who continues to gain speed week to week as he learns his way around his GSXR Powered Hyper Chassis lighting sprint package. In fourth place was current Q1 Jason Rae who holds Kingaroy in a special place in his heart as it was the track, he claimed his Title victory at last season.

Heat 3 saw the track start to really slicken off and Jason Rae found his form taking victory in a solid fashion. Following him home in second was Dave Fanning with Wayne Jukes getting one over his bother Scott Jukes as they finished third and fourth respectively.

Heading in the feature race after flying through the heats Dave “the falcon” Fanning was our top qualifier. Dave was also fortunate enough to have the No1 Marble drawn for him which also saw him starting out of pole position. When I asked Dave why he gets one of his crew to draw the marble each week he said “I never won a game of marbles growing up, so I know it is not my strong suit. I feel its best to put one of my expert crew on the job”.

Wayne Iacono found himself starting out of Position 2 on the outside of Fanning for a front row that had all the hallmarks of a great feature race start after the battle we saw during a recent heat race. Wayne commented “I am going to back my abilities to get one over Fanno going into turn 1 tonight, I think his luck ran out at the marble draw”.

After strong heat performances Jason Rae was starting out of P3 and Scott Jukes was out of P4. The only car not to make the Feature Race was Darren Baldwin who was driving the Q3 car of Michael Gollagher. Unfortunately, it ran into engine troubles during the third heat of the night. There  was a noticeable air of disappointment from the stands and Kingaroy’s favorite Sparkey is know for putting on a show.

Dave Faninng managed to get the jump on Iacono heading into Turn 1 and upon taking control of the lead maintained this position for the race. Wayne who was running slightly higher on the track was lurking as the pair met with lapped traffic (running the lower line) as moving up the track did unsettle the Fanning car. However he never quite found himself in a position to capitalize on it. This saw The Falcon take victory with Iacono coming home in Second place.

Tyler Stralow was the mover and shaker of the race coming from fifth on the grid to finish third and round out the podium  continuing to build on his experience and form this season, he was happy to pull together a solid result.

The first B grader home was James Elliot who continued to build on what was one of his strongest nights racing this season.

The QLSRA would like to thank Stockmans Civil and Plant for their ongoing support of the club championship. They would also like to thank all the drivers who made the effort to travel to Kingaroy and support one of Queensland’s strongest Speedway Clubs.

Round 7 will take place on December 28th as we return to Archerfield Speedway.

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