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Australian Title on the Line

A field of 20 nominations from NSW, Queensland and Victoria will take part in this Saturday night’s 2015-16 season Australian Litre Sprintcars Title at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway.

Defending Australian Champion Sean Iacono, from Toowoomba in Queensland, will be doing his best to go back-to-back and comes to Valvoline Raceway for the first time with a recent Silver Cup in his bag at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway. After winning the Australian and Queensland Titles in his debut season of 2014-15, the 20-year-old racer has had a tough start to the current season, but he is quickly turning his fortunes around.

Leading the NSW charge will be current NSW Title holder Kurt Wilson, who is no stranger to success at the track after winning the NSW Junior Sedan Title there in 2010, and he is focused on wrestling the Australian Title away from Iacono.

1 3 2016 Sean Iacono

With feature-race wins to their names, youngsters Matt Geering and Jordan Binskin will lead the Sydney-based youngsters who want to succeed at the Australian Title. Another Sydney-based driver to watch out for will be AJ McTaggart. Despite not previously winning an Australian Title, McTaggart has won everything there is to win in NSW, but would love nothing more than to grab a maiden Australian Title on home soil.

Former NSW Champion Chris Davis has tasted success this season with one feature-race win, and will be joined on track by 2014 Australian Champion Darren Salmon, who made a cameo at Valvoline Raceway recently after a break away from the class and picked up the feature-race spoils win on his return.

Dean Eden will also compete for the host-state and knows how to succeed on a national level, having won the Australian Title in 1998.

Other nominations from NSW includes Shane Cooper, Brett Davies, DJ Raw, Matt Reed, Ethan Eyears, David Atwood, Rodney Waters, Gerrard Latham, Danny Stone and Scott Moir will also be taking part.

Driving Sean Barrett’s ex-Australian Title winning car will be the sole Victorian competitor Owen Bullman, who will be racing with top-quality gear and is aiming to fly the flag high for his state.

The format on the night will see two heat races, a dash and a 25-lap Australian Title deciding feature race.

Aus 1 Sean Iacono
NSW 3 AJ McTaggart
NSW 4 Chris Davis
NSW 6 Jordan Binskin
NSW 7x DJ Raw
Vic 7 Owen Bulman
NSW 11 Scott Moir
NSW 11x Ethan Eyears
Qld 16 Kurt Wilson
NSW 21 Shane Cooper
NSW 26 Gerrard Latham
NSW 27 Dean Eden
NSW 41X Craig Transton
NSW 46 Matthew Reed
NSW 47 Danny Stone
NSW 48 Darren Salmon
NSW 50 Brett Davies
NSW 69 Rodney Waters
NSW 75 Matt Geering
NSW 78 David Atwood

To find out more about the NSW Litre Sprintcars, look them up on Facebook by searching NSW Litre Sprintcars or visit their website: www.litresprintcars.net.